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Multiple Account Requests
Posted by Aceblade (QA - Lead) on 21 June 2012 04:53 AM
Support Staff have been working tirelessly on approving Multi-account requests that users have submitted. Currently, over 100+ requests for multiple accounts are in the system and they keep coming as fast as we can process them.

We understand that it is important to play with your friends, roommates, and loved ones in the same household but please give us some time to work through and approve these requests. We thank you for your understanding and continued patience.

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Support Center - Live
Posted by Aceblade (QA - Lead) on 13 June 2012 03:06 AM

The Support Center has come out of beta and is now being used for account and server support (to be expanded on in the future as needed). When creating a support ticket it is important to submit said ticket to the correct department.

Note: Your Support Center Username / Password are not the same as your SWGEmu credentials.

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