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Posted by on 23 September 2012 01:42 AM

The Quality Assurance Department encourages all of the community to test upcoming patches and releases! But how exactly do you test…?

To test in game content, you simply play it like normal. But… sometimes leveling and grinding is time consuming. To make it easier for testers there are “Blue Frogs”.

  • What Are Blue Frogs? Blue Frogs (Character Builder Terminals) are used to customize your character with abilities and settings that would normally take time to achieve. This can include, but is not limited to: Professions, Buffs, Clothing, Armor, Weapons… and more!


  • How do I use Blue Frogs? To use a Blue Frog: Simply locate one, and click it. Or you can radial it and select “use”. A popup window will appear allowing you to select various options to set for your character.


  • Where are Blue Frogs? Blue Frogs can be found outside of every major city starport. They can also be spawned inside City Halls of player cities. At this time, Blue Frog spawning in player cities is turned off. Quality Assurance Staff can also grant Blue Frogs to members. Frogs are only granted for special testing purposes.


  • What I want is not on the blue frog, How do I get it? If you need to test with something that is not on a blue frog, you should contact a QA Staff Member. Depending on how often you test, and the quality of your bug reports, the items may be granted to you. It is Important to know however that: Items on the Blue Frogs are associated with our current testing focus, new items will not just be added because you want them.



  • Additional Questions? Any Additional questions can be directed to any QA Staff Member. You can also post in “Test Center: Nova Discussion” on SWGEmu Forums. Or join #Support in IRC.

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