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My Nova character has (BANNED) next to it. What do I do?
Posted by on 07 May 2012 06:28 AM

If you have (BANNED) next to your character name on Nova you have been banned from the server on that character but can use other characters or create a new character to test on. While banning a character on Nova is rare it can happen for, and not limited to, the follwing reasons:

  • Staff Impersonation
  • Greiving
  • Using a known bug or exploit for non-testing purposes.
  • Using the name of a real life person and acting as if you are them (ex. Barack Obama).
  • Using the name of a Star Wars icon (or a spelling that closely matches).
  • Excessive Foul Language or Language against a specific race, gender, or group of people.
  • Spamming a command or action that would cause server performance issues.

If you have been banned and would like to inquire why please submit a support ticket through the support center or contact us via live support.

Note: Quality Assurance Staff will -NOT- reverse character bans on Nova. These requests / inquiries need to be done through the support center. Wuzze is the only person who can remove a ban on Nova. All items on that character will not be moved to another character (including inventory, equiped items, datapad items, and structures).

** Anything on the above list may lead to an account or server ban depending on severity.

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