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Lost Crafting Schematics, Inventory Items, etc
Posted by on 07 May 2012 06:42 AM

Sometimes the client does not update properly and you may lose your crafting schematics or, in rare cases, items in your inventory. This client update issue may also affect factory / harvestor hoppers. Before submitting a ticket to Mantis (bug report) please exit your client completely and log back in. This should solve the problem.

If for whatever reason this does not solve your problem please search Mantis for any similar tickets and add your comments to the already created ticket. Please do not create a new ticket on Mantis unless one does not already exist. You may also contact support either via ticket or live chat if you require further assistance.

Note: If you have deleted items in your inventory there is no way for staff members to remburse those items to you. Please be careful when deleting items and pay attention to what you're deleting.

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